Desert Sage House Yucca Valley
Desert Sage House Yucca Valley
December 12, 2018
Ingleside Inn Wedding
Romantic Ingleside Inn Wedding
March 4, 2020
Palm Springs Photo Workshop

Desert Shootout At Palm Springs Sagauro Hotel

One of the most popular photography workshops in Southern California is known as “The Desert Shootout“, which is hosted by the talented wedding photographer and entrepreneur Brianna Broyles. The Desert Shootout gives photographers the opportunity to network with other wedding creatives, learn more about their craft, and build their portfolios in a unique and friendly setting. We at Palm Springs Wedding House absolutely LOVE everything about this workshop and always get excited to see what the designers and attendees create. Needless to say, when we saw some of the photos captured by attendee Ashley Golovin at the most recent workshop at the Saguaro Hotel we were blown away. The colors, setup, decor, models and everything came out amazing. Oh and did we mention the lama!? The workshop looked like a raging success again, and the photos captured by Ashley Golovin were incredible. So let us say a quick THANK YOU to her for sharing these fantastic photos from what looked like a super fun day!

Sagauro Hotel Wedding

Sagauro Hotel Wedding

What Interested You In A Workshop In Palm Springs?

I went to instagram in search of something new, I came across “The Desert Shootout” and was blown away by the events they had been advertising. They looked so fun and loved the interaction! All the vendors did such amazing work! I just knew I wanted to join in on the fun and be apart of a community that was so uplifting to others and so full of knowledge.

Sagauro Hotel WeddingSagauro Hotel WeddingSagauro Hotel Wedding

What Was Your Favorite Part Of Desert Shootout?

I personally loved the Palm Spring wedding set ups, and that the couples completely fit the set up they were in. I was blown away with how kind and genuine everyone was! Seriously, everyone was so polite and more then willing to help or give advice. I would totally go back!!

Sagauro Hotel Wedding

What Did You Enjoy About Palm Springs?

I loved the warmness and all the colors, it was so outside of my everyday that I was extremely pumped to be able to shoot here! I definitely have Palm Springs on my travel list, I really would love to be back really soon!

Sagauro Hotel Wedding

The Palm Springs Photographer: Ashley Golovin

Well I’m Ashley! I started photography almost 6 years ago, I fell in love with love! I love that every single love story is different and unique in its own way, no two stories are the same. I love all the pretty details that come with weddings. Funny question, I don’t think I am necessarily out to change the world just add a little more happiness to it. When people see my images I want them to feel something, like the warmth from the sun or the passion of a moment between two people. I want them to smile when they see the laughter captured and the calm that can overtake you. This is a hard one, either Sushi or TACOS. Usually when I travel, if tacos are on the menu it’s a must! At Palm Springs, they have some bomb Fish Tacos!!

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