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April 5, 2018
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Palm Springs Wedding House

Chic & Cozy Palm Springs Wedding

One of the things we love most about Palm Springs is that there are literally hundreds of amazing private properties available for rent to anyone looking to host a private event. This makes Palm Springs the ideal location for a bride and groom looking to set up a small destination wedding in the desert, and that is exactly what Justin & Bethany did earlier this year! After debating between an elopement or wedding, this couple from New England opted for some warmer weather out west and a chic backyard wedding at a gorgeous private estate in Palm Springs. Judging by the stunning photos captured by Cambria wedding photographer Jami Laree, the bride and groom definitely made the right choice! The venue was cozy+intimate, details were perfectly on point, and the native flowers added a wonderful splash of color to the setting. Oh and did we mention Justin and Bethany looked freaking AMAZING!? But don’t take our word for it because below are some of the images from their Palm Springs wedding day that was coordinated by the insanely talented Cara Goset of Michelle Garibay Events. Enjoy!

Palm Springs Wedding House Palm Springs Wedding HousePalm Springs Wedding House

The Bride & Groom

Justin and I met through a mutual friend while I was living in Washington D.C., and we got engaged two years ago during one of our annual fall Apple Picking Weekends. I had hoped all weekend he was going to ask. The weekend was coming to a close and we were making our last stop at Quechee Gorge in Vermont. Being the major brat I am, as we were walking down to the river I said to him, “So is there anything you want to ask me???” That was when he got down on one knee and proposed. The rest is history! – Bethany (The Bride)

Palm Springs Wedding HousePalm Springs Wedding HousePalm Springs Wedding House

Palm Springs Destination Wedding

Overall the Palm Springs destination wedding was perfect. However, I did have one little regret and that was I forgot to buy my father’s favorite soft drink. My father did so much to make everything on our wedding day possible, including building the tables. So I was disappointed that I didn’t remember to get his one special thing. Of course, the true gentleman he is he never mentioned it and didn’t care.

The biggest pain in the planning process was committing fully to having a wedding and not eloping. However, that ended up being a great decision because our small weekend wedding in Palm Springs gave me everything I wanted: lots of time with loved ones, personalized events, time for just the two of us and my aisle moment. I don’t regret the decision to skip eloping for a small wedding at all.

One of my favorite memories from the wedding was when my mother saw me in my dress the first time. She was crying and had to hold on to the curtains to stay up. – Bethany (The Bride)

Palm Springs Wedding HousePalm Springs Wedding HousePalm Springs Wedding House

Private Estate Wedding In Palm Springs

I love when my clients say they’re renting out a private estate for their wedding! Private estates are just that, more private – allowing for a more laid back and intimate experience, and that really shows through in the images. This estate Bethany and Justin rented for the weekend offered several guest rooms, so a lot of the guests came in a couple days early to spend time together and relax before the wedding day. You have the opportunity to sleep there, meaning you wake up, get ready, get married, and get your party on all in one place. Which honestly makes my job as a photographer much easier and the day flow a little more organically, without having to be in multiple locations throughout the day. – Jami Laree Photography

Palm Springs Wedding HousePalm Springs Wedding House

Photography In Palm Springs: Tips From Jamie

Palm Springs is one of my favorite cities to shoot in because there’s a ton of awesome hidden gems and a good balance of colorful retro vibes mixed with gorgeous desert landscapes. Spend a day exploring the city beforehand if you have the chance! With that said it’s also one of the hottest cities I’ve ever worked in, topping out at 115 degrees during some weddings I shot. Some quick tips would be to always make sure and bring extra water to stay hydrated, but also remember your clients. Allow some extra time, if you can, to take small air conditioned breaks with your clients. For engagement sessions I always suggest renting an awesome hotel room or private house for part of their session, there’s so many awesome places to choose from! Air conditioning is your friend when it’s 100+ in the desert. Then head out for that desert golden hour goodness towards the end of the shoot! – Jami Laree Photography

Palm Springs Wedding House

The bride said it best when she stated, “We had such incredible vendors and talented friends & family that made everything so amazing and easy. We just feel so luck that it all came together so well”. Justin and Bethany’s chic backyard wedding in Palm Springs shows that a bride can have a amazing wedding that is fun, intimate and stylish. All that it requires is a some time, vision and of course a little assistance from some talented wedding artists (and a handyman father). Those interested in checking out more work from the team of Palm Springs Wedding Vendors behind Justin and Bethany destination wedding can do so with the information below:

Palm Springs Wedding Vendors

  • Palm Springs Wedding Coordinator:
 Cara Goset – Michelle Garibay Events
  • Officiant: Chris Petty
  • Palm Springs Photographer:
 Jami Laree
  • Florist: 
Natassia Hinojosa
  • Entertainment:
 Violinist – Pasquale Santos
  • Catering:
 24 Carrots
  • Cake/Desserts:
 Ice Cream Bar – 24 Carrots (Same as above)
  • Invitations/Stationery:
  • HMU:
 Jaime Voelz (friend of bride)

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