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Floral Design Tips For Palm Springs Brides

Q+A With Palm Springs Floral Designer Oak & Amble!

Palm Springs is home to so many talented wedding artists from photographers to planners that it is easy to see why this little desert town has become one of the most popular destination locations in the United States for elopements and weddings. It also helps that sunshine is abundant in the desert all year long! But with those warm (sometimes dreadfully hot) temperatures can also come challenges for brides planning a wedding in Palm Springs or neighboring Joshua Tree. This is why it is critical to work with vendors who understand the area, climate and potential problems of planning a desert wedding. Thankfully, one part of the planning process that should be a little easier is working out floral designs because resident Palm Spring florist Oak & Amble was generous enough to help answer some popular questions regarding wedding flowers! Below are her answers to some frequently asked questions from soon-to-be Palm Springs brides! Enjoy!

Are There Any Particular Colors Schemes That Work Best For Palm Springs weddings?

Palm Springs is great because it’s so diverse. You really have to look at your wedding venue and choose accordingly to both your style and the style of the venue (modern vs. boho). Bright fun colors work at a lot of the chic trendy hotels, but other wedding venues with lots of greenery around can go any way you choose!

What Are Some Things A Bride Can Help With To Make Your Job Easier?

To be perfectly honest, the best thing a bride can do to make my job easier is to simply trust me! Choose me for what I can do, don’t over think things and relax! I will make your day BEAUTIFUL!

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Do You Prefer To Work Closely With Brides Or Have Artistic Freedom With Floral Designs?

Artistic freedom always the best! However, I like to know what the couples like and what they’re looking for, a general color palette, style, etc. But when it comes to choosing flowers and designing, just let me do my thing!

How Much Do Most Palm Springs Brides Invest In Florals?

Floral budgets really depend on a lot of factors such as the size of the wedding, how big the bridal party is and what style of wedding a bride wants to have. It’s really hard to say what a reasonable budget is because everyone has different priorities when it comes to their wedding. I see a lot of $2-3000 budgets for 150-200 person weddings. For me and the type of designs I like to create, $3500 is a good starting point for a 100 person wedding.

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Are There Any Flowers That Do Not Hold Up In The Outdoor Heat For Palm Springs Weddings?

Sadly, a lot of the favorites like garden roses, dahlias and the more delicate pretty flowers, which makes them very susceptible to heat. You have to be really careful if you want those higher end flowers. Keep them cool and hydrated after the florals have been delivered and don’t leave them out in the sun. Outdoor weddings between April and November can be brutal on flowers!

Are There Florals A Bride Should Consider Avoiding?

Just a personal opinion here, but gerbera daisies and hydrangea. I just really don’t like gerberas and hydrangea just need lots of water to hold up. And any florals that need a lot of water in the Palm Springs or Joshua Tree heat are most likely not going to hold up well.

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Who Is The Ideal Client For Oak & Amble?

My ideal client isn’t necessarily a type of person, but someone who trusts me to do what I love and make their day beautiful!

What Are Some Of The Trends In The Wedding Industry You Are Currently Loving?

I’m loving the mixing of muddy or rich tones with pastels. Some specialty roses like Toffee, Combo or Cappuccino, mixed with pink/lavender/mauve tones or burgundy can work in multiple seasons!

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What Is Something Most People Do Not Know About Wedding Florists?

Wedding florists and floral designers work HARD! People see the pretty parts of the job, but not the painstaking hours worth of recipe writing, proposal writing, ordering, emails, sourcing supplies and flowers. It never ends.

If A Bride Gives You A Photo Of A Bouquet Or Centerpiece They Love Can You Re-Create It?

Maybe, but I wouldn’t. Any photo I’m given or give to a client is used ONLY as inspiration. Nature will always be different and even if I got the same flowers, it won’t come out the same; even if it’s one of my own bouquets I’ve designed.

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Any Last Thoughts You Think Brides Might Find Helpful When Shopping For A floral Designer For Their Wedding?

Do your research before reaching out, see what style you like and find someone who does it well and that you can trust! Price is important to everyone, but don’t just price shop. Every designer does it their own way, just because one designer is cheaper, doesn’t mean you’re getting the same thing!

Tell Us About Oak & Amble And How You Got Into The Wedding Industry!

This is probably be too much information but I first started at a traditional flower shop 10+ years ago. I fell in love with flowers fast but not the flower shop lifestyle and standard every day arrangements. Everything was the same, nothing unique. I knew I loved weddings and making pretty things for that one special day, so I decided to start my own business with my twin sister! She’s still rocking flowers back in Michigan, while I travel all over with my Navy husband and do my own thing. I love creating lush natural designs with whimsical floaty flowers and loose greens. I personally love muted or muddy color palettes but can rock some bright colors is a bride wants them!

Get more information on Oak & Amble and her floral design services, and FOLLOW her on Instagram!

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