Alexandria Monette Photography

Alexandria Monette Photography
I would say my shooting style is a mixture of editorial and photojournalistic. Candid photos full of emotion that pull on your heartstrings are always going to be my favorite photos, and I know when to be a ninja fly on the wall to capture those. My love for posing in a vogue-esque style brings in that editorial look. I'm super confident in getting couples comfortable in front of the camera to the point where I capture all the emotion between the two of them while still creating images that you could mistake for a magazine cover. ​My goal with editing is to always bring out true-to-life colors while adding warmth and little bit of a vintage feel.

I want your images to be timeless with edge, lots of color and realistic skin tones.
Eek three things about me...
1. I'm married to a guy I met while studying abroad in Florence, Italy (slow down, it was at a college party, so not that romantic, haha). We were in a circle with a bunch of 20 somethings talking about marriage. Jaime and I both said, "I'm never getting married," high-fived, and we've been inseparable since. The romantic part was getting to know each other while traveling Europe together!
2. I'm Mexican, but have whit​​e girl dance moves all the way. AND I LOVE DANCING.
3. A few things that make me super happy are: camping, whiskey cocktails, watching Game of Thrones, doing yoga, and having real conversations with kids (they're smarter than we give them credit for).

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