Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel
We love having weddings at Ace Hotel in beautiful Palm Springs, California!

Weddings at Ace Hotel are always different. Bride can utilize a really large space and totally transform it into their own style. And Ace Hotel will even hook-up couples getting married on property with a friendly rate so everybody can stay together.

The Commune space is really flexible so there’s plenty of area for big personalities or people who like to get a little crazy. Every bride and groom transform it in a new way, which is great for DIY weddings. Brides can have a bohemian-style barefoot wedding or a modern, upscale wedding ceremony. The bride and groom also have the option to get married it outside or inside, customizing either location with homemade decorations and wildflowers.
1. King’s Highway, which is connected to Ace hotel, caters delicious spreads that are fresh and flavorful.
2. The best compliment we ever got from wedding guests was that they forgot they were at an event space – they just felt like they were hanging out with their friends. The Commune offers 3,000 square feet, with a capacity of 150, making it perfect for small and mid-sized weddings
3. You can check out the full menu of spa and wedding services at Ace Hotel. Feel good now, Feel good always: call 760.866.6188 to book appointments.

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