Desert Sage House Yucca Valley

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Desert Sage House Yucca Valley

Desert Sage House Wedding In Yucca Valley

Whether it be a boho-vibe outdoor wedding in Joshua Tree or an elegant wedding at a more traditional venue in Palm Springs, we are always excited to see the end results. This is because the many talented wedding artists who service the area never cease to amaze us with their storytelling abilities. One of those talented wedding artists is a filmmaker and photographer named Leslie Satterfield who captured Zach and Sondra’s relaxed and intimate wedding in Yucca Valley at the Desert Sage House. So if you are bride and groom looking to plan a wedding surrounded by nature and a close circle of family + friends then check out the photos from Zach and Sondra’s wedding for some serious inspiration!

Desert Sage House Yucca Valley Desert Sage House Yucca Valley

Favorite Part About Desert Sage House

The wedding took place in Yucca Valley at Desert Sage House and it was a dream location to shoot. The land is high up on a Mesa and covered with a forest of Joshua Trees. In every direction you can see mountaintops in the distance. The property has many originally designed spaces and the vibe of an adult playground. My favorite thing about the space was the wide variety of photo shoot locations.

Desert Sage House Yucca ValleyDesert Sage House Yucca Valley

The Bride & Groom

Sondra and Zach are one of the most down to earth and fun couples I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. They are both all about community, an anchor for their community and a shinning example of real love.

Desert Sage House Yucca Valley

Memorable Moments From Desert Sage House

The most memorable moment of the wedding was when the sun came out. The night before the wedding, October 12th around midnight there was a severe thunderstorm with drenching rains, lightning and hail the size of small peas falling from the sky. The storm closed down several roads and when Sondra and Zach awoke in their desert yurt on the morning of their wedding it was a questions of if it was going to be possible to still host their outdoor ceremony.

Desert Sage House Yucca Valley

The Wedding Photographer: Lelise Satterfield

I’m a photographer and a filmmaker. Ten years ago I started a wedding cinematography company based out of Brooklyn, NY. Since starting Kiss The Bride Films, I’ve filmed over 400 weddings. While working as a filmmaker I was partnering with all of NYC’s best photographers. It was an incredible learning experience to be able to observe so any different styles of shooting and to see how so many photographers approached capturing the day. I moved out to Joshua Tree a few years ago because I needed a slower pace of life. My goal out here is to connect with like minded clients and capture their story in a way that will feel timeless and true to their story. I approach things with a duality of perspective: both editorial and aesthetic in narrative.

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