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April 14, 2018
June 3, 2018
Joshua Tree Wedding

Outdoor Joshua Tree Wedding With Kaede & Jason

One the recent wedding trends has been brides skipping the fancy wedding venues and instead opting to get married outdoors. The natural settings with majestic views are something many brides simply prefer over the posh hotel scene or fancy ballroom. Both certainly have their advantages and disadvantages, and that is why we were excited when Chelsea over at Lucky Day Events Co. shared with us Kaede & Jason’s recent colorful boho wedding in Joshua Tree! Chelsea and her team are wedding planners so they understand the challenges of coordinating an event in the traditional wedding venue as well as the natural environment like the one in Joshua Tree where Kaede and Jason had their wedding. Below are some of the photos from that colorful wedding accompanied by words from Chelsea. She does a fantastic job discussing the beauty of a wedding in Joshua Tree, the bride & groom, and also some of the hiccups that can occur at such a far-off destination! Enjoy!

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Was This Your First Wedding In Joshua Tree?

Yes, we have worked weddings in Palm Springs quite a bit but we were in awe at the gorgeous natural landscape and incredible views of Joshua Tree. The setting automatically makes you feel like you are on vacation and at one with nature. The stars at night and the stillness in the air is really unparalleled in Joshua Tree and it fit perfectly with the vibe Kaede and Jason were going for. It honestly felt like we were in Radiator Springs from the movie Cars! We loved how laid-back the entire vibe of the wedding became based on the setting. Having almost an elevated house-party feeling, the guests all felt extremely comfortable and relaxed – there was no pressure and everyone was able to let loose and celebrate. The wedding ceremony was surrounded by all the natural boulders, which served as guest seating, and at the top of the aisle was a gorgeous tree with colorful ribbons hanging down and blowing in the wind. It was simply beautiful.

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The Joshua Tree Bride & Groom

We met Kaede and Jason through a close friend – they were both coworkers at the same agency. Kaede and Jason have a beautiful daughter together and were looking for someone to help them pull off a laid-back, festival-inspired wedding and we meshed wonderfully! The couple’s daughter was a “bubble girl” with a rainbow colored bubble wand to lead her mom down the aisle.

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Planning A Wedding At A Non Venue

Knowing that it was not a typical wedding venue, we did a walk through to understand the layout and then made sure we were there early for the rental set-up to ensure that everything was laid out properly. The day of the wedding required a lot of coordination with vendors and instructing everyone where to go and how to access things they needed. However, I do have some advice for any brides considering a outdoor wedding in Joshua Tree and that would be to hire a coordinator even just for the month-of the wedding. Even though it may seem like the most basic straightforward event, you do not want to put the burden of making family members coordinate all of your wedding vendors and troubleshoot if anything is running behind. Our catering truck got stuck in the sand and we had to delay the wedding ceremony a bit to make sure they could catch up in time for cocktail hour. It’s the little things that can make a wedding go completely off if you do not have someone looking out for those details!

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The Joshua Tree Wedding Planners

Lucky Day Events Co. has been planning weddings for 3.5 years all over Southern California. We love exploring and going to new places with our brides and grooms and this love of travel has allowed us to expand our business to North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee!

All Joshua Tree wedding photos were captured by Stefanie Vee

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