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March 5, 2018
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Andre and Juliann: 15 Years Of Marriage

Wanna know a little secret? You don’t need to be engaged or getting married to have photos captured of you in awesome places. Just ask Andre and Juliann, who decided as part of their 15-year wedding anniversary that they would head out to Joshua Tree, California for a little photo session with This Fine Day Photography. And honestly we should all strive to be more like Andre and Juliann because 1) it is always fun to go on a little adventure with your favorite person, and 2) a photos session is always a good reason to get all dressed up. Fun+Adventure+ Getting All Dressed Up has always been a winning combination and blueprint worth following at least once a year for couples. So head up to Las Vegas and have Elvis renew your vows, or plan a second wedding in Palm Springs, but whatever you do just have fun and get someone to capture you in all your glory! Be like Andre and Juliann! Below are some photos this lovely married couple and their anniversary session in Joshua Tree, Calfornia. We will now let Julie of This Fine Day Photography tell you more about the couple and the photo shoot. Congrats on 15 years Andre and Juliann! Now take it away Julie!

Anniversary Session In Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree, California

I have been to Joshua Tree several times now and every single time I go I fall more in love with the place! There is something so dreamy and romantic about it there- the calm stillness, the way the light beautifully filters through those magnificent Joshua trees, the wide open spaces… I could go on and on about this wonderful place. It’s no wonder it has become such a popular spot for photographers, lovers and adventurers alike! But the thing I also love about the desert is that for how popular it is, its not that hard to find a place all you own, where there are no other people in sight. All of these things pretty much make up the perfect location for a photo shoot if you ask me!

Anniversary Session In Joshua Tree

The Married Couple

Andre and Juliann were so awesome to work with! I had never met them before our shoot, but they were so relaxed and comfortable from the start. It’s pretty great when you meet a couple and have an instant connection with them. They wanted to do  a anniversary session in Joshua Tree from the start, so I knew we would be a great match! We actually did a more intimate, in-home session before this outdoor session, so by the time we got out into the wide open they were pretty well at ease with being in front of the camera. They’ve been married for almost 15 years and their love for each other easily came through during the anniversary session.

Anniversary Session In Joshua Tree

Approach To Photographing Couples

From a photography perspective, I have a very relaxed, fun approach to shooting any session. My goal is to capture the real, un-posed and unscripted moments between my subjects. In order to accomplish that there are a few things I try and do… First thing is music! I always have the couple put on music that the two of them like. I think it helps ease the situation, helps them to focus on the music and the feels that it brings rather than on me taking their photos. Second, I usually tell them I want them to try not to look at the camera for most of the photo session. I want the moments of interaction between the two of them, not with me as the photographer. Next, I will lightly direct the couple in a sense of telling them where to stand in good light or some sort of movement to get them started, but after that I try and step back and let their natural interactions unfold. I may ask some questions or make a funny joke to get a natural smile or laugh, but I really try and just let their own natural love story play out. I can usually get a read pretty early on in the session if the couple is a funny, laughing couple, an intimate, cuddly couple or a more serious, reserved couple. Once I figure that out I try and play into whichever mood they fit. I don’t try and force an interaction between them that isn’t natural for them.

Anniversary Session In Joshua Tree

Favorite Moment From Anniversary Session In Joshua Tree

My favorite moment from this anniversary session in Joshua Tree was at the end, when the sun finally decided to peek out from behind the clouds! It literally hid behind some clouds as soon as we pulled up to the location, perfectly timed for that beautiful desert golden hour! Although it wasn’t the end of the world, because it provided for some more moody, cloudy shots which are never a bad thing. But probably the last 15 minutes of the session the sun finally came out and gave me that great lighting I’m always looking for. It was also getting quite chilly by then and there was a moment where Juliann leaned into Andre for warmth- totally unprompted, totally adorable and probably one of my favorite shots from the anniversary session in Joshua Tree!

About The Photographer

This Fine Day Photography

I’ve always had a passion for photography and specifically capturing moments in time that make me feel something. After I had my kids I began shooting more regularly, trying to grab and hold onto all the million little amazing moments with them. It wasn’t long before friends saw my photos and started asking me to capture moments like those for their families. So my little photography business was born and it has now grown and evolved. I’ve started shooting couples and weddings in addition to just family portraits and I absolutely LOVE it! I’m a true adventurer at heart and love to find like-minded people who want to step out of the norm for their photos and capture their love story in an authentic, adventurous way. I’m based in Thousand Oaks, California but I am ALWAYS looking for a good excuse to head back out to the desert to shoot some rad couples or families in love!

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