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After a number of years working in the wedding industry an idea came to us. The idea was to create a place to better unite industry professionals we know and love to work with, while at the same time create a valuable resource for potential brides planning a destination wedding in Palm Springs. Planning a wedding is fun but when planning a wedding from afar it can be challenging getting all the pieces to fit, especially when doing it on your own… Palm Springs Wedding House is here to help. Word of mouth and referral business is huge in the wedding industry and we found ourselves saying the same thing time and time again to out-of-town brides looking to us for advice on how to build a dream team for the wedding day [and throw the best freaking party ever]. So we decided to create a place where we could lay out the details we shared over and over again; this is that place. The tried and true, developed over years of firsthand experience working with photographers, planners, DJs and wedding vendors who offer their services in Palm Springs. People who LOVE what they do, bring the energy, and have a damn good time doing it!!!

We created this place to lift one another up and connect great people with like minded creatives with amazing talent. We love sharing real weddings throughout Palm Springs and understand that every wedding is unique and every story is different.  At Palm Springs Wedding House we really do believe that love is the most powerful thing in the world… The Beatles said it, so it must be true that “All you need is love.”  So that is our motto and  love and passion are truly the driving force behind everything we do here.  Let us inspire you to build your vision of what a perfect wedding day is.  You have enthusiasm and a creative eye. That is why you are here. We are here to help you in that journey to personalize your wedding and connect you with all of the best people to have around to celebrate and share in one of the greatest moments in life.


Meet The People Behind Palm Springs Wedding House


Ryan Horban – Senior Editor

Palm Springs Wedding House

Born and raised in Southern California, Ryan has been photographing destination weddings across the United States and weddings in the Palm Springs area for over 6 years. His photos have been featured in Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, numerous wedding blogs and various print publications. He also continues to shoot over 30+ weddings per year in both the Palm Springs regions and abroad.

Words From Senior Editor Ryan Horban-

Palm Springs has always been one of my favorite cities, and I think anyone who has ever visited the area can easily see why the desert is such a magnet to artists. Palm Springs has an energy that radiates into every aspect of the city from the architecture to the people. The city has so many amazing color and design elements that inspiration can be felt by simply walking down the streets. It really is incredible. And lets be honest, the food in Palm Springs is also pretty freaking spectacular, especially for us weirdo vegetarians!